Why Fairy Tale Princess Birthday Parties Are Perfect Birthday Gifts

01If you have a daughter who adores Disney princesses, YTE events will help you give her a picture-perfect fairy-tale birthday party. Such a party needs a performer who makes the fantasy characters come to live. Our fairy tale princesses are impossibly beautiful and so convincing that your daughter is assured of achieving the ultimate fairy tale experience at the party.

Why Hire a Fairy Tale Princess?

The culture of princess worship has spread faster a bushfire in the Savannah in recent years. Young girls want to grow up wearing beautiful dresses, living in a castle while courting a handsome young prince from a land far, far away. Of course, when all this happens the child expects to live happily ever after. We all know that this is almost impossible. This is why professional princesses are an excellent party idea. Instead of squashing this dream, they come and give your young princess something better.

A fairy princess comes to the party and gives the birthday girl a glimpse of how fantastic fairy tale life can be.  They come in fabulous glittery dresses probably riding a horse or pony. They then entertain kids often with captivating stories that have moral teachings in them; some of these stories have very illuminating lessons for young kids.

A Glimpse into The Princess Party

The magnificent arrival of the fairy princess is simply out of this world. The entertainment begins from the get go. The princess may arrive in a spectacular carriage. Fantastical distracts such as fireworks, fairy smoke bombs and the like are used to make the arrival appear magical.

The sweet melodious music at the party will melt hearts. The princess inspires the feeling that life is a beautiful song.  As such, the music at the party is happy and uplifting. Most princesses have excellent party mixes for kids’ parties. The guests and birthday girl may also make requests for their favorite jams to be played.

The princess may come with special powers. Birthday princesses are entertainers. In an effort to keep the fun at full throttle, they may perform special acts such as magic, singing, dancing, juggling and may more interesting things.


Baby Shower Pink Bottle Balloon Column for Little Girl

Baby shower bottle balloon column sculpture in pink for eventEvery baby shower needs a little balloon decoration. Are you planning something for a soon to be mother in your life? Is it her first child? Her second? Her last?

Help make it a memorable and fun time with some baby shower balloon figures. Decorate with baby bottles, storks, pacifiers, and even standard columns, arches, and balloon bouquets. YTE Events and Balloon Decor can make literally anything out of balloons.

You can keep it simple and elegant or you can make it outrageous and fun. Just let our team of specialty balloon designers know what you are looking to accomplish, what your budget is, and any details on what you like or dislike in balloon decor. We can put together the rest and help make your event a fun and memorable one!

Corporate Ceiling Balloon Decor for special event

Ceiling balloon decorations for corporate eventCeiling decorations can always class up an event. This simple and elegant addition for this corporate get together helped transform a simple room into a room with a little more fun and excitement.

Having left before all the decor was placed, it is difficult to see how all the yellow additions really popped with the ceiling decorations. With a little imagination, you can see how the bouncing scalloped garland really makes for a beautiful addition to decor.

If you would like to have someone create a balloon decor proposal for your event, fill out an event request form and we will happily connect you with an event decor designer that can help with a custom decoration plan for your event.

Back to school event at local public library

Chris and Fudge getting ready to twist at a public library event for Tampa Bay Rays back to school event

When it comes to back to school events, we really know how to party! This fantastical duo of balloon twisting fun was set up at the local library to celebrate the fun of heading back to school. Sporting their brightly colored yellow and blue, the team of Chris and Mr. Fudge made sure to make balloon sculptures for all the kids showing up for the school event. They even were joined by Raymond and a few players from the Tampa Bay Rays that were reading to the children and making sure they had a great time learning about the fun of reading.

Educate yourself on some fun activities you can have at your next party or event too by contacting YTE Events and Balloon Decor via our contact form and we would be happy to work with you to help create a memorable event.

Balloon Princess Snow White

Master Balloon Artist Mr Fudge makes a princess snow white for tampa bay rays eventIt is not every day that we see a celebrity appearance by a famous princess. This awesome princess snow white balloon figure was twisted by Mr. Fudge of YTE Events and Balloon Decor at a local Tampa Bay Rays baseball game in their VIP ticket-holder Draft Room.

When you want to get something awesome and amazing or just want to see the balloon artists knock out something cool, the Draft Room is really the place to go. There they are able to spend some time making some really nifty balloons.

As you can imagine, these balloon twisters make fantastic additions to your royal birthday parties, princess themed events, and any celebration worthy of your little ones.

What You Need to Know When Hiring a Clown

Clowns are a delightful part of the entertainment at kids’ parties. Their big red noses, awe-inspiring makeup, and brightly colored hair inspire diverse feelings in children. However, even though some children fear clowns, having a professional and skilled clown at a birthday party will definitely make the event colorful and entertaining. There are a few things that you ought to consider when vetting clowns to come to your party.

Keep the Children Informed

Some kids and even adults are afraid of clowns. It, therefore, is fitting that you inform your kids in good time that a clown will be coming to the party. A clown surprise at the party might conjure up undesirable reactions especially among audiences who are less than 10 years of age. Sensitize your kids and gradually help them warm up to clowns. Show them that the clown is a friend keen on making them happy.

A Clown Can Do as Much as You Want Them to And More

Most people underestimate the entertainment potential in clowns. Clowns can paint faces, perform magic tricks, juggle, dance, sing, walk on stilts and even tell stories among many other things. You, therefore, had better enquire the full range of acts that the performer can showcase at the party. Often the clown will have different packages with different acts.  Find out which acts will thrill your guests and have them exhibited at the party. Of course, different packages cost differently. Therefore, have your budget in mind when hiring.

Always Get a Second Opinion

Adequate referencing is a must especially if you are a newbie at hiring party clowns. Your friends and relatives will point you to the best clown for your party. They may also offer useful warnings to keep you and your children safe from some of the dishonest party entertainers. At YTE events we are always ready to offer references to potential clients at no extra cost.

Know Your Clown

Do not be modest about uncovering the mask and having a peek at who a clown really is. Meet him or her personally, look at their social media profiles and review their online presence. This makes sure that you know who exactly is working with your kids.

Emoji Centerpiece Balloon Flower Bouquet

Cool Emoji Smiley Face balloon sculpture bouquet with flowers and butterfly for corporate event in Tampa florida at Armature WorksWhen you take all things cool and put them together, you might get something like this. It is a smiley face emoji with sunglasses, holding on to a bouquet of flowers, all made out of balloons! The best part, the butterfly hanging out above it all is also made of balloons and is absolutely adorable.

These pieces were made for a private corporate event for a local hospital in Tampa, Florida. They used these for centerpieces on the tables and raffled them off to staff as the event was ending. The colorful arrangement of balloon flowers were the first things they were looking for. Then they added emojis and smiley faces. Together with these centerpieces, the event really popped and looked phenomenal.

This particular event was held at Armature Works in Downtown Tampa, but we can create and deliver these types of centerpieces anywhere. Just let us know the type of event you are having, the theme you have in mind, and what type of budget you are looking to spend. We can work with our team to make sure that there is an amazing balloon centerpiece for your event as well!

Know anyone having an event that can use balloon decor or some sort of event entertainment? We would love if you would let your friends know about us. Send them to our contact form and have them fill out some information about their event so that we can put together a custom quote for them too!