Balloon Animal Minion Themed Headband


Minion Balloon figure on a hat at publix thanks to boars head event Tampa florida

Every back to school season, we have a series of events that take place at the local supermarkets. Specifically, Boars Head distributors team up with Publix to have a fun day of excitement for the guests that arrive to shop. They have games, prizes, activities, samples, and of course the balloon man from YTE Events and Balloon Decor.

Here we have a photo of a very special girl who received a minion balloon animal headband that she could wear around while she shopped. Matching her shirt seemed like a no brainer option when it came to choosing a custom balloon figure for her. The artist twisted up some craziness with flashes of blue, yellow, black, and grey. Within seconds the young lady had a balloon hat worthy of showing off to her fellow shoppers.

Boars Head really goes above and beyond to help make sure Publix shopping is a pleasure on their event days. This is just one of the many fun interactions we were able to have with the guests.


Marriott Waterside Customer Appreciation Tampa

Customer appreciation event for Marriott staff eventMarriott gave us a call last minute asking if we could do something special for their employees on their employee appreciation event. Upon checking our stock of balloons and figuring out what we were able to accommodate, we put together a couple of red and blue balloon columns for them. These greeted the staff as they entered the employee entrance and walked through security. They were simple and quick, but ended up being tons of fun for the Marriott and their crew as they came to work Saturday morning. We can’t always accommodate last minute requests, but we absolutely love when we are able to make something work out.


Publix Customer Appreciation Event and Lizard Balloon Animal

Balloon lizard on a hat for Publix EventWhen you are looking to make a lasting impression, a lizard on your head can certainly turn some heads. This wonderful publix employee decided she wanted to be a cashier with some style. She requested a balloon hat so that she could join in the fun for all the guests arriving at Publix for their celebration of 25 years with Boars Head Distributing.

When you are looking to have a fun atmosphere that everyone can enjoy, the balloon twister is always a hit. We have also had strolling magicians, caricature artists, and even face painters at these types of events. There is so much variety that it is hard not to find something to fit perfectly for the theme and goals of a customer appreciation event.

Tampa Bay Rays Rainbow Columns for Pride Event 2015

We do tons of entertainment for the Tampa Bay Rays and can be seen nearly every single Sunday home game twisting balloons before and after the game. We even have had human statues, caricature artists, jugglers, hula hoop artists, and more! Recently for a Pride event, they had us make a few balloon columns for them. These over-sized 10 foot tall columns helped frame the DJ booth for DJ kitty as he performed on the field after the game. You can see how we take a photo created on the computer and turn it into real balloons to fill a space with color and fun. You can also see how we sometimes make some changes as well.

In this case, we flipped the columns upside down as we felt the darker colors looked better at the bottom. We also added another set of colors to get the full rainbow and to also give it that little bit of extra WOW that we look to provide all our clients.

Balloon Rainbow Columns for Tampa Bay Rays Sports Team Event

Princess Party Ideas

Princess Party Ideas

Princess Tiana with FrogTo add a touch of magic to your young princess’ birthday, you should throw a Princess-themed party! Since princess parties are such a timeless classic, use some of the tips below to make your party unforgettable to both kids and moms alike. Depending on how crafty you are and how far ahead of time you plan things, a princess party fit for a story book can be executed on a budget so that you can keep some of your kingdom’s treasure for yourself.

Royal Princess Invitations

A rolled scroll tied with ribbon or a letter sealed with wax is the classic method by which to invite guests to your royal celebration. Open the letter as it would be read by the town crier, with a call of “Hear ye, hear ye! All lords and ladies of the Kingdom are invited to attend a celebration of” your princess’s name and birth year. You can also stamp or stencil a crown onto it to increase the sense of authenticity of your royal decree.

Princesses Entertainment

To be the envy of the court, hire a Party Princess as an entertainer and guest at your party. Professional Princesses are always well-versed in manners and etiquette, and can entertain the birthday girl and other guests with various party games and other activities. Guests will love hearing the Princess tell stories of how they became a princess, or of their adventures with their loyal subjects!


Generally speaking, princess parties tend to favor the color pink. That being said, there is still a lot of room to work with in regards to decorations with regards to shape and texture. For example, behind the snack table, you can hang ruffled tissue paper streamers in alternating shades of pink, or other royal colors like purple and white. If you use three colors, it will help to avoid the candy-stripe appearance that alternating two will give. Be sure to include lots of ruffles, as it will mimic the ruffles on a princess’ dress. Stencils can be applied to plates with powdered sugar for dark plates or cinnamon for light ones to monogram or add hearts or crowns or whatever graphic fi
ts your theme to make table settings a little more classy.

Games fit for a Princess

“Kiss the Frog” can be played similarly to “pin the tail on the donkey” but using tacks pushed through lip marks and on a board that has a large frog or many small ones printed on it, depending on the desired difficulty. You can play “find the glass slipper” and give out winds or tiaras as prizes, slay a piñata dragon, or bob for “poison” apples that have gummy worms inserted into them.

Refreshments and Treats

Afternoon tea can refresh even the most weary Sleeping Beauty. As you may not want to serve your children traditional tea, many fruit-flavored teas are available caffeine free. You can also always serve regular drinks such as pink lemonade out of teapots, if you prefer. Sets of 6 tea cups are available at many stores like Wal-mart and Target for 20$, which ends up being just over 3$ per cup. If you have younger kids, you can easily substitute plastic teacups or plastic teacup sip cups.

Typical afternoon tea is served with sandwiches and cakes, so make some that fit the theme of the party and serve in a multi-tiered serving tray. Some other sweets such as cheesecake stuffed strawberries and mini raspberry tarts can help to satisfy the sweet tooth until the birthday cake is brought out.

Princess Party Favors

Bubbles, chocolate hearts, and glass slippers. Either fill a bag or pick a single item depending on your budget, but the go to items are plastic tiaras, wands, flowers, and other girly things. You may also have the girls create their own tiaras or wands to take with them as well.

Ribbong cutting ceremony for Lutz Prep School

School ribbon cutting event columnsOccasionally we get calls asking for special requests. The Lutz Prep School in Lutz asked for a very special piece of balloon decor to help welcome their guests at their ribbon cutting ceremony. YTE Events and Balloon Decor put together a wonderful set of balloon columns to grace each side of a ribbon for their ceremony.

If you are having a grand opening, a ribbon cutting, or any other event at a school we are able to help with balloon decor. Whether you are looking for balloon columns, arches, or an entire dance floor worth of balloon decorations, we can help make your venue gorgeous.

In Comes the White-Faced Clown Ready to Tickle Your Funny Bone

Are your kids ready to have mind-blowing birthday party fun? Yes? Great! At YTE events we have the finest array of party clowns that are excellent entertainers for children. Kids like laughing. Clowns specialize in cracking up kids and making them appreciate the wonderful pleasure of being young. When a clown comes to a birthday party, he or she is focused on achieving one main objective; to make everyone laughs till their ribs hurt!

Meet the White-Faced Clown

Every clown is artistic in his or her own way. However, there are different variations in their dressing and acts. This leads to very distinct clown types. One of the children’s best favorite is the white-faced clown. This is no brainer; the white face clown has a white face. Other facial features are usually accentuated differently to either make them either grotesque or neat. A typical costume for the whiteface clown is one piece. Many other variations do exist all the same. A unique feature of whiteface clowns is that they go big on flashy accessories such as rhinestones and sequins.

History of Whiteface Clowns

The beginnings of white-faced clowns date back to as early as the 1700’s. There’s evidence that commedia dell’Arte performances pioneered whiteface clown shows. Pedrolino was probably the first whiteface clown. His character was young and simple-minded. His mask was equally simple: merely a powdered face. The French theater later adapted this character and turned it to Pierrot.

The 18th century saw the whiteface clown placed alongside the authority figures who were the ringmasters. This is probably why the modern-day whiteface clown has evolved to assume more of the leadership roles among other clowns. This way the whiteface clown began to replace and overtake the harlequin character in terms of leadership positions.

The Roles of Whiteface Clowns

Take any group of performing clowns, and you will realize that the whiteface clown appears to control the acts.  He appears to be the boss clown in charge. Compared to his comrades, he seems to be the smarter one. He, therefore, will be seen setting up pranks (most of which always backfire) or directing traffic in skits.