Land O’ Lakes High School Homecoming 2015

Jonathan Fudge, a balloon decorator here at YTE Events and Balloon Decorating, is actually an alumni from Land O’ Lakes High School. So, when they called for balloon decorations for their homecoming dance, it was an obvious yes. We jumped on the opportunity to make something fun for their event and to spice up their dance. The first step was to determine what the theme was for their event.

Land O Lakes High School Homecoming Dance Fright Night Balloon Arch Cat and Columns

In this case, it was themed around a Friday the 13th, Halloween, or monster theme. We decided to go with a black cat archway to greet the students as they came into the dance and then have a series of columns for the dance floor. We kept the columns within their color scheme and added a ghost and a bat on top of them to keep with the Fright Night theme that they decided on. Check out how the balloons turned out! It was tons of fun and added a lot to the gym where they ended up hosting homecoming.



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