Happy Valentines Day from Oxford Exchange and YTE Events

Valentines Day Heart for OE in TampaWhen it comes to class, Oxford Exchange is at the top of their game. Every time they put together an event for their guests, it is always superb. The restaurant is one of the best in Tampa, the stores are unique and fun, and the meeting spaces upstairs are appropriate for any business meeting. Likewise, their special events are of the same exceptional standard. So, when they ask us to help decorate, we are certainly honored to be a part of the excitement.

This year, we put together a beautiful organic balloon heart to frame their logo on the outside of their building. We used red, pink, rose, and a variety of other colors suitable for Valentines day. The photo looked great for all the guests who arrived on the special day with their special someone.

Oxford Exchange had a special event where guys could build bouquets for their girls and there was even a special lunch option for those wishing to attend as a couple. As expected, the entire event was a blast for anyone privaledged enough to grab a seat before they sold out.

If you would like to see what we can do for your event or if you would like a special delivery for your special someone, let us know and we can put together something special for you as well.


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